Saturday, May 03, 2008

Inspiration: Color Chart at The MOMA

Jim Lambie

Dan Flavin

So last Sunday the hubby and I went to the MOMA to see the Color Chart: Color Theory exhibit. Although the museum was overrun by tourists, and parents paying little or no attention to their kids as they run an shriek through the museum...I managed to enjoy it, AND get something out of it!!

Walking through the different little galleries and exhibits, you really got a feel for how color can play with your sense of emotion, your sens of space, depth of field, and how color work for you and against you.

I mean there was a wall of beiges, taupes, browns, really made me re-appreciate nude/minimal makeup.

While there we also took a peek at Design and the Elastic Mind since it was on the same floor. It was waaayyy to crowded but there was a fierce exhibit involving furniture design from light, then evolving from liquid's the sort of thing you need to see when the during the week when the museum is less crowded.

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