Friday, May 29, 2009

MAC Pro Artistry Expo: Bodypainting

So last week MAC Pro held a master class on bodypainting hosted by Chantal Miller, Keri Blair with assistance by Sherry! It was informative an infotaining! I tired to take as much notes as possible, I think I did pretty good actually (I only missed 2 things!) They went really rapid fire, thankfully were allowed to take pics, otherwise!! Chantal did an AMAZING freehand tattoo on the models arm from a print out...GENIUS! Keri & Sherry were working on the body, turning a bikini into a one piece....BRILLIANT!! The most inspiring class I took at MAC Pro so far, guess I'll be stocking up on what I need for a bodypainting kit.

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Friday, May 08, 2009

From the Inbox

My name is 'WATDA' and I read your all the time! You should add the "followers" tab so people can "subscribe" to your blog and get instant updates on blogger when they log in. Only if you want, of course! Take care do your thing papa!


Dear 'Watda'
Thank you for reading my blog all the time! I don't read blogs as much as I used to since my Firefox died taking all my blog bookmarks! Oh well! I have been thinking of adding the 'followers' tab, but the idea of people following me kinda freaks me out a bit! Same reason I only Twitter (with Showstudio) on a limited basis, but I digress. I have been thinking of adding the 'followers' tab so people can subscribe, but considering I only have 5 followers, I figured 'why bother?!' But since you asked, I will add the tab IF I get 5-10 more subscribers! So, if 5-10 more people can be bothered to subscribe to my blog, and don't mind being labeled a follower/subscriber, I'll make it easy for u to keep up with my blogging!

Your 'big gay' papa,
Miss Jeffrey

(Please keep in mind all names have been changed, and blogs omitted to protect the innocent.)