Monday, March 31, 2008

Justyna @ Marilyn's NY

Photo: Jorge Lepesteur
Makeup: Jeffrey Dwayne
Model: Justyna P./Marilyn's


Skin: Pond's Exfoliating Wipes
Moisturizer: MAC Strobe Cream & Embryolisse
Foundation: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #110 & #1125
Powder: Shiseido The Makeup Enriched Loose Powder
Higlight: MAC Silver Dusk Loose Iridescent Powder
Eyes: MAC Dazzleray Pigment {lid}, MAC Naked Pigment {brow bone}
Liner: MAC Duck Eye Kohl
Mascara: Stephane Marais Mascara Comb #3 brown
Blush: MAC Peaches Blush {contour}, MAC Heatherette Alpha Girl Beauty Powder {apples}
Lips: NARS Gipsy lipstick

[These images were not retouched]

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Benind the Scenes : Saturday

I had a shoot on Saturday with photographer Christopher Kim. I couldn't stay for the shoot. I had to do a 'beat an run.' Had to meet the hubby for shopping at the green-market, lunch with a makeup mentor, and book studio time at MAC Pro. I can't wait to see the images from this shoot.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Boo-Hoo, Squish-Squish..(I'm crying dahlings!)

Okay. I'm disappointed, but inspired to make changes. I just lost out on a FIERCE TRANNY assisting gig because I don't have enough full makeup and lashes in my book. (I'm sure that's the reason why!) I know most of the photographers & agencies want nude makeup looks, but I'm gonna try to get a strong makeup and lashes look in from now on!! Most magazines do strong makeup (maybe not lashes) so I have to get on that level!!

Tabea at Marilyn's

Photographer: Jorge Lepesteur
Makeup: Jeffrey Dwayne
Model: Tabea/Marilyn's

I didn't write down what I used. I was lost and late.
The room we were using for prep had horrible fluorescent lighting.
Plus it was a 'no makeup' look. I don't mind doing it, but it doesn't inspire me.
But the girl was cool in that German-Continental way.
Well traveled, well spoken, and stunningly gorgeous!


A quick snapshot from yesterday's shoot.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heatherette Party Tonight!

So tonight is the Heatherette party at MAC Soho, NYC. I don't think I'm gonna go! I did 2 Heatherette hauls, I also got the glitter since the Pro staffers mentioned I should get it while I was shooting there that day, and I just got my box of Heatherette back-ups!! Plus my tummy has been feeling sick all day and I doubt if the Heatherette gang are going to show up! I hope everyone that goes enjoys the Champagne and cupcakes!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Today's Inspiration

Start with the PREMIERE issue of V Magazine

Add 'the modern celebrity portrait' feeling

Add a great male model + electro music = Captured some really cool imagery!
Will post images when retouched!

Friday, March 21, 2008

All about the new

This is Julie, very Peggy Moffat. She's a brand new girl from 1 Models. She's making all the rounds; Meisel, Testino.. Get her while she's still fresh and new!

So we're the first team to have a test shoot in the photo studio at the MAC Pro showroom in NYC. I have to admit, I was slightly apprehensive after booking the studio...but it turned out being a FAB experience!! Lots of energy from the makeup artists pumping through and positive vibes of excitement from the staff. The photographer loved the space and not having to shoot on the street. The music was fun and bouncy. The MAC Pro staff was great and the GM Bradford was very nice and accommodating, we were invited back to shoot again.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More, More, More....

I think I have a problem...I only went in for 2 of the lipsticks!!!

Melrose Mood (1)
Lollipop Loving (2)
Reflects Gold (1) {couldn't resist the old school formula}
She's Bad Lashes (2)
She's Good Lashes
Sweet Harmony Beauty Powder (1)

Monday, March 17, 2008

It's a Family Affair! Friends are invited too!

Prescriptives is having their first ever Friends & Family event.

Now through March 21st, 2008; you can receive 25% off your purchase + FREE SHIPPING by entering FFSP8 at checkout.

You can also get a Free Sample with your purchase.
Start shopping now

My Heatherette

MAC Heatherette Items:

Eye Trio 1
Alpha Girl Beauty Powder
Hollywood Nights Lipstick*
Sock Hop Lip gloss
Style Minx Lip gloss
Black Funk/Pop Blue Dual Eye Pencil
Phone Me/text Me Dual Eye Pencil
She's Good Vinyl lashes
$$$$$ YES Nail Lacquer

I'll probably get more on Thursday from MAC Flatiron!

*Two (2) of the lipsticks {Melrose Mood & Lollipop} are already SOLD OUT at MAC Pro NY Showroom!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Party Time!

So last night was the Pro to Pro party hosted by MAC in NY. Tons of wine and trays of nibbly things were going around. The Heatherette collection was on counter, but for one night only! I got there kind of late so I don't know what the makeup presentation was about. It was great running into CS, and MC of and the rest of the crew JC. I think I'm gonna start buying some things to start bodypainting.

Heeeyy...Sugar, Sugar!!

MAC - Soho NYC
March 25th, 2008

MAC is launching a 'preview' night for the Heatherette collection, that is going on counter on March 20th!?! I saw it on counter last night during the MAC Pro to Pro party. I went back for what I put on my list (I hate shopping when I'm drunk on red wine, I always make mistakes) thinking it was going to be early on counter....NO!! I have to wait until the 20th!!! UGH!!

At any rate, I need a date for the party! Must be a NYC/NJ/CT resident. Sexy gay boys and hot straight girls only!! Please send pic an short essay telling me something fun about yourself.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kimberly @ Marilyn's

Photo: Jorge Lepesteur
Makeup/Hair: Jeffrey Dwayne
Model: Kimberly/Marilyn's


Foundation: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet+
Concealer: Make Up For Ever Cream Camouflage palette #2
Powder: Shiseido The Makeup Loose Enriched Powder
Blush: MAC Peaches Blush
Brows: Smashbox Smashing Blonde brow tech
Eyes: MAC Arena eye shadow
Mascara: Stephane Marais Mascara Comb #3
Lips: MAC Fuschia Fix Tinted Lip Conditioner & MAC Pink Poodle Lipglass

Sunday, March 09, 2008

When the Phone Rings!

Thursday; 03/06/08
10ish am

Literally drying my hands in my bathroom. My cell phone rings..
Brring Brring
Brring Brring

an unrecognizable 212 number shows on my cell phone.

Me: Yes hello?
Phone: Hi, This is X X from X Magazine.
Me: Um, are you?
X: I'm great, thanks. And you?
Me: I'm good, what's up? (slightly stunned and anxious)
X: Blank Blank received the postcard you sent him..
Me: Oh yea?
X: Yea, he asked me if you would mind sending down your book?
Me: Well I'm working today, and the rest of the week..
X: Don't worry about it, it's no rush. Can you call me on on Monday?
Me: Is this your number? I can lock it on my cell phone?
X: Great, talk to you on Monday.
Me: Great, have a good weekend X.
X. You too Jeffrey, bye.

On the FAB side of the coin: THIS IS MAJUH!!! I mean above 34th street, multi-publication majuh!! If they like my book, and decide to pass it around to other friends in the building they think I would be right for. This could be the start of something big.

On the REAL side: I can't get excited. These peoples see TONS of makeup portfolios daily. I'm sure their making a friendly gesture, (I was introduced through makeup artist SM) and their gonna go through my book. Send me a nice little letter with some words of advice, and tell me to keep testing.

However, when I call X on Monday...I will have to let her know I have to send some new images in for print I think they would like and I would like to drop my book off on Tuesday/Wednesday. Ask them to please view my dripbook for the new images of the moment.

Laura Gleason at Marilyn's

Photo: Michael William Paul
Makeup & Light hair: Jeffrey Dwayne
Model: Laura Gleason/Marilyn's


Skin: Eve Lom Cleanser
Moisturizer: Nivea Silky Shimmer
Primer: Make Up For Ever Primer #3
Foundation: Make Up For Ever Face & Body #20
Concealer: Make Up For Ever Cream Camouflage palette #2 & MAC Tender Glow Studio Lights
Powder: Shiseido The Makeup Loose Enriched Powder & MAC Silver Dusk Loose Powder
Cheeks: MAC Bone Beige Sculpt Powder, Barbie Loves MAC Pearl Sunshine Beauty Powder
Eyes: MAC Naked Lunch eye shadow
Liner: MAC Feline Kohl Power
Lips: MAC Girl About Town lipstick & MAC Pink Poodle lipglass

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Behind the Scenes with Bryce Ebel

So today was a great shoot with photographer Bryce Ebel at the fabulous Neo Studios. Naomi (Nomi) Porto did the hair, he does some fierce hair. Ran into another fave photog, Isaac Bearman. We ended up chatting models and possible shoots, for him, I don't mind casting models for tfcd. I just need to find an amazing re-toucher because he doesn't have time for it.