Friday, March 21, 2008

All about the new

This is Julie, very Peggy Moffat. She's a brand new girl from 1 Models. She's making all the rounds; Meisel, Testino.. Get her while she's still fresh and new!

So we're the first team to have a test shoot in the photo studio at the MAC Pro showroom in NYC. I have to admit, I was slightly apprehensive after booking the studio...but it turned out being a FAB experience!! Lots of energy from the makeup artists pumping through and positive vibes of excitement from the staff. The photographer loved the space and not having to shoot on the street. The music was fun and bouncy. The MAC Pro staff was great and the GM Bradford was very nice and accommodating, we were invited back to shoot again.


MR style said...

nice blog u've got here !! gotta have to come back frequently !! u seem to work a lot !!

Miss Jeffrey said...

Thanks for the compliment. I try to keep the kit working and the book and promos going!