Friday, March 14, 2008

Party Time!

So last night was the Pro to Pro party hosted by MAC in NY. Tons of wine and trays of nibbly things were going around. The Heatherette collection was on counter, but for one night only! I got there kind of late so I don't know what the makeup presentation was about. It was great running into CS, and MC of and the rest of the crew JC. I think I'm gonna start buying some things to start bodypainting.


li$a said...

amazing. i gotta see how i can attend one of these classes!

Miss Jeffrey said...

It was more of cocktail, networking party for Pro members. By working for MAC, don't you get invited to Pro classes & events?

Roxy said...

Wow ... these are fab ... thanks for sharing with us! That last one with the lips is just gorgeous! xo