Sunday, March 09, 2008

When the Phone Rings!

Thursday; 03/06/08
10ish am

Literally drying my hands in my bathroom. My cell phone rings..
Brring Brring
Brring Brring

an unrecognizable 212 number shows on my cell phone.

Me: Yes hello?
Phone: Hi, This is X X from X Magazine.
Me: Um, are you?
X: I'm great, thanks. And you?
Me: I'm good, what's up? (slightly stunned and anxious)
X: Blank Blank received the postcard you sent him..
Me: Oh yea?
X: Yea, he asked me if you would mind sending down your book?
Me: Well I'm working today, and the rest of the week..
X: Don't worry about it, it's no rush. Can you call me on on Monday?
Me: Is this your number? I can lock it on my cell phone?
X: Great, talk to you on Monday.
Me: Great, have a good weekend X.
X. You too Jeffrey, bye.

On the FAB side of the coin: THIS IS MAJUH!!! I mean above 34th street, multi-publication majuh!! If they like my book, and decide to pass it around to other friends in the building they think I would be right for. This could be the start of something big.

On the REAL side: I can't get excited. These peoples see TONS of makeup portfolios daily. I'm sure their making a friendly gesture, (I was introduced through makeup artist SM) and their gonna go through my book. Send me a nice little letter with some words of advice, and tell me to keep testing.

However, when I call X on Monday...I will have to let her know I have to send some new images in for print I think they would like and I would like to drop my book off on Tuesday/Wednesday. Ask them to please view my dripbook for the new images of the moment.

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