Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Paint it Black!!!

Ok!! I don't normally talk in advance about collections! I don't get the info sent to me, so I don't bother! I normally leave that stuff to those other blogs and forums!

BUT I'M SO EXCITED!! I haven't been this excited about any makeup collection since MAC Hello Kitty! But this, this black inspired collection. Black lispticks, black lipglass, shimmery black eyeshadows, greasy smudge proof black paint sticks, seriously dark nail lacquers!!! MAC says get ready for STYLE BLACK, me...I can't wait to paint it black, and get painted black! (Oh yea, this is going in my personal kit, I'm not sharing it with any model!!!)

thanks to erine at Specktra for the info


Lacroix said...

LOVE This! Cannot wait till the fall

Miss Jeffrey said...

Me either!