Thursday, January 24, 2008

MAC Pro Master Class with Frances Hathaway

(l-r) Frances Hathaway, model/Katie, model/Milla

So Monday night was the master class at MAC Pro with makeup legend and self- admitted MAC girl Frances Hathaway. I was always wondering who does the makeup for those brilliant TARGET ads,'s Frances!!

I have to say I left feeling very inspired and like I'm in the right place mentally. It was great to meet a pro that has the mind set, a great work ethic and shared her secrets to what it's really all about. I'm sure her passion rings through on set that's why she's repeatedly 'asked back to the party' by her client. She's inspired me to find more photographers, reach out to more people, and keep pushing on.

(Now I just have to remember that I have to open the flash when I take pics on my new camera.)

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