Saturday, January 12, 2008


So MAC pro NY Showroom official grand opening is today. Yes, that's the new and official title. Learn it!! I have to say, I am VERY VERY Impressed. There's lots of room (7,000 sq. ft of space) to walk around in and play with make up and browse. There are so many new amenities and services, MAC pro NY Showroom has the artiste in mind for this new incarnation.

I was literally an officially the first 'customer' today!! I inspired them to get on the phone and start calling members to come over.

There first thing yo see when you walk in is that the walls are covered with apothecary jars filled with colored pigments. If that doesn't get you into color, nothing will!!

Yes, there is a photo studio. They still haven't worked out the booking situation. Their still waiting for the seamless papers (black, white, grey) to be changed, the surgical shoes to arrive (NO SHOES on the cyc), and for the cameras and umbrellas to arrive.

There is a makeup station in the studio so you don't have to use the stations available in the selling, testing floor. The large mirror you see is also ideal for HD, it has some high-tech color behind it!

What's most impressive is the library!!!

Art books, photography books, designer/interior books, color theory books, makeup books, and industry resource books.

You can use the mac computers, full access. You can do a beauty test that day, download to your website all in one shot!

The MAC pro NY Showroom is located at 7 west 22nd Street off 5th Avenue, 2nd floor!! Tell Darian that Miss Jeffrey said hi!


Roxy said...

Wow! What a fun site ... you've got great photos and info in here! Glad I found ya ... xo

Miss Jeffrey said...

If you think this blog is fun, you might wear your party dress for my other blog!

Miss Jeffrey said...

I meant :}

Harley said...

Darian is looking awesome there.

Anonymous said...

OMG, it's beautiful!!!! Can't wait to go visit!!

Miss Jeffrey said...

Darian turns it!