Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Biggest, Bestest Makeup Bag Ever!!!

I hope Santa treated everyone lovely, I'm just coming together! I ate (an drank) tooo much. Even though Mom is Brooklyn, and I'm in Gramercy...she's out of my 14 block radius so I don't get home cooking often.

Anyhooz, isn't the bag GORGEOUS?!?

I had mentioned to my man that I need to get a new carryall bag for the HG makeup essentials that don't fit in my kit! And up under the tree was the biggest MARCbyMARCJACOBS shopping bag I've ever seen. My mind was racing; is it a coat, a jacket, a fierce head to toe outfit???? When I opened the bag and saw the large white cotton protective bag I just knew it was a 'murse.' A large crinkly patent leather bag of loveliness in all her glory!! I literally had a bagasm! There are 4 LARGE compartments that can hold my see-thru travel bags and ALL my hair stuff. {I mean the bottom double zipper compartment opens so wide it can hold ALL my things for doing 'light hair.' I mean the hot rollers, curling iron, hair dryer, bag of combs & brushes & products can fit.}

My only problem is that since the bag is soo large, I know have to find space in the storage closet for the new bag & my travel bags.

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yummy411 said...

cute bag! thanks for the MAC porn! can't wait to go and see it IRL.