Friday, December 14, 2007

Prep Day

I had to run around today and do some last minute shopping for my shoots tomorrow & monday. I really only needed a matte foundation, and I really like the foundations coming from MUFE at the moment (at what's in my price range.) I did stop by at MAC Pro for some of the new accessories out!

I also had to run by Parke & Ronen to pull some clothes for the men's shoot on monday. It should be cute. I get to pick them up on Sunday.

That's everything, not bad for $100+ after discounts.
MUFE Mat Velvet + Foundation #38
MUFE Fake Blood
MUFE eyeshadow pot #46
MUFE Lipstick palette #19, Pink Orchid Harmony
MAC Drizzlegold Loose Beauty Powder
MAC 1oz Travel Jars (2)
MAC Multi-Purpose Sponges (2)
MAC Disposable Cotton swabs 3pk - 60 total

I'm loving the black disposable cotton swabs available through MAC right now!! The black cotton swabs were originally only available in Japan. The black cotton is great because it doesn't unravel as fast as the cotton on a q-tip.

My original intention was to stop by MUFE an get some matte foundation for my test with a girl from Q tomorrow. Once they mentioned 50% off some discontinued items, I suddenly needed fake blood, a lip palette, and a shimmery kelly green eye shadow.

What I LOVE about the palette, is that the lipsticks slide out, there's a mirror inside the palette and it comes it with a great lil lip brush! FIERCENESS!!!

They only have LARGE shopping bags, I only needed the 2 samples with white caps. I LOVE FREE SHIT!!!

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