Friday, December 07, 2007

Spring 2008 - Color briefs

So the past 2 days have been RIDIC!!! I had the fantastic, fabulous, amazing opportunity to attend (as a guest) the Spring Color shoot for the official beauty bible by the King of Makeup, SM. I was standing by watching, playing with and organizing the colors provided by different brands to the bible and ultimately for the shoot. Two days of hanging out with some of the Legendary Tastemakers, watching and observing, playing with makeup.....who could ask for more!?!

The Brief
Spring 2008 colors are going to peaches, pinks, terracotta, bronze shimmers, mushrooms, (taupe and brown shades & tones,) indigo (blue) liner & shadow, icy colors (white & pink shimmers, iridescents, metallics, etc,.) and plumbs & purples for eyes & lips.

From what I could see MAC is really banging out some new paint pots, lipsticks, shadows and collaborative collections. The MAC for FAFI is going to be sick just because of the packaging. The quad form this collection has to be the biggest I've seen come from MAC (although we weren't that impressed with the colors available by shoot time) and the plum lipstick that comes with it, is not cute at all!! Although there was this pink shimmer lipstick (that looked Heatherette, 'cept for the packaging.) Laura Mercier has her color story ready for Spring. Lots of luscious powders, shadows, blushes and lippies. Shu is doing for MODE makeup this spring, lots of peach & pink colors coming from them. Of course the drugstore brands were represented, but untouched.

The Peeps
Hair guru SN is absolutely FLAWLESS!!!! He has such a great personality I can see why he's booked every day!!! I never laughed so hard in my life, especially today!! Mr. PC, the CD of the beauty bible is just as hilarious. He has such a sharp, cutting sense of humor you have to stay on your toes with that one. The manicurist was tooo many things, all of it good though! And then the legendary photographer MT was just the best!

What did I learn
  • Not to be afraid of color. Strong eyes & lips can go together!
  • Use cream shadow more often as a base.
  • Layer all you want, but you better blend it bitch!!!
  • Bruna is the most professional model I've met so far in my career.
  • SM made the best mu out there!! His mascara wand wand the sickest an best I've ever seen! (I will be shopping ebay for his collection)
  • Invest in Clea De Peau, it's the best makeup available next to SM's own stuff!


Latent said...

I'm reading. Thanks for letting us have an inside peek! said...

I can't wait to see the Fafi quad :) The beauty police you speak of... if you mean EL/MAC, unelss you work for them or signed something to keep it all a secret, you're in the clear.