Monday, December 03, 2007

Lancome event at Bloomingdale's

So last friday was the Lancome event at Bloomingdale's featuring Lancome National Art Director Ross Burton. How can I best describe the scene; madness, crazy, circus....those words fit best. I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed upon arrival. There were makeup stations everywhere with uptown mamas lookin freshly injected an stretched (if u get my drift) for Ross and his team to beat those faces. I was introduced to Ross by SA/MA Dijana Mesin. I was able to talk with him about my career goals and aspirations. We exchanged business cards (he had just run out to his surprise, I still gave him mine) and he said he would give me a call or email when he's back in town so I can come down to his office, paint a face and show him my skills. I'll keep u posted, fingers crossed hopin for it to happen.

I decided to get the Color Design Artist Palette in Cool ($70-USD.) I liked the packaging. Very chic, modern, minimal. The mirror inside was very cute and useful for those days when I don't have a mirror on set. The shades are rich in pigment and have a great texture to them. I can't wait to use this on set.

This was the best part of the gift with purchase. You got a full jar of their Renergie face cream, a sample tube of their Primordial Cell Defense cream, a small color design palette containing 4 shadows and a blush, a sample of the Lancome Hypnose mascara, Le Rouge Absolu lipstick, and Bi-Facil makeup remover!!! We love free shit don't we!

This cute bag came with any purchase over $50. My boyfriend wants me to give it away to my mom or one of my sisters as a gift. Oh hell no!!! This is a fierce fagbag for when I'm feelin ultra-dandy!!!

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