Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Make Up is For Ever and Ever and Ever...

So yesterday I stopped by Make Up For Ever downtown on 12th Street. I've been getting bulletins from the crew at MUFE about this HOT must-have moisturizer from France called Embryolisse ($20 for tube, $37 for large bottle. Pro discounts available.) I'm all about skin-care on set these days, so of course I had to check it out.

At first I asked for a small sample to rub into my hands so I could get a feel for it myself. It was love at first rub. My hands were literally sending THANK YOU impulses to my brain!!! I mean it's that good!! It didn't leave an oily, greasy feeling like some moisturizers can. It also left a great sheen to the skin, making my hands look healthy!!

I would totally recommend this moisturizer for hands, face and body! I would suggest getting down to the MUFE store and getting some for yourself. If not for yourself you should get some for the beauty lover in your life.

While at MUFE I remembered I wanted another blush brush for my kit. Do you know MUFE uses squirrel hair for their brushes!?! Squirrel hair is considered among the BEST hair for makeup brushes. I know some mua's that pay $100's of dollars for high end squirrel hair brushes. So of course I snatched one for myself. I can't wait to use it on set and see the difference between the squirrel hair and the sable and goat hair brushes I've been using.

I also picked up a crystal makeup bag to carry my MUFE foundations (love the MUFE Face & Body foundation) then stopped by MAC Pro to check out the Stylistics collection {That's a different post.} I only got a lip gloss (Witty-Intense red with pearl:Frost)

Beat ya face later.

Miss J.

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