Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So I was hoping it was an invite to the Cult of Cherry launch event at MAC, but it wasn't!! Oh well, I'm still excited about it anyway! I don't have many plumb lippies! Here's my list so far...

Spiced Chocolate Quad
So Scarlet lipstick
Lightly Ripe lipstick (?)
O lipstick (?)
Jampacked lipglass
Rich & Ripe lipglass
Cult of Cherry lipglass
Kirsch mattene lipstick
Rapturous mattene lipstick
Silverstruck nail laquer
Illegal Purple nail laquer (?)

(?) = undecided

PS: Excuse the dots on the face! My scanner isn't even craptastic, it's just crap!

1 comment:

Beana said...

I really like the "O" lipstick. Works on many different skin tones. I'm totally picking up that spiced Chocolate Quad! Hope you're well!