Monday, April 28, 2008

the Hook Up!

So a couple of weeks ago I was shooting with this photographer who is married to a marketing director at MAC. Well I got to look at some kinda old MAC promo books while I was waiting for the hairstylist to finish, and I noticed they used these books to take phone messages. (I was salivating!) Well, the photographer noticed I was taking notes of the makeup look I did in my little notebook and handed me a fresh an new MAC Backstage Book! These are harder to get than those damn face charts! I'm loving it and I'm happy to have it, I just don't wanna use it an mess it up! I have to get an artists sketch pad.


hiersoir88 said...

you are damn lucky. i'm a mac artist and have never even seen one of those in person. and there's a reason it's so hard to get face charts. they're for the artists

Miss Jeffrey said...

Well, they may be for the artists only...but I still have a pack of face charts. What do you think of the new face their using for the charts?